Does day trading always involve selling short?

Answer On One Hand: One Does Not Necessitate OtherDay trading is a strategy in which traders buy and sell stock within the same trading day, trying to make money by anticipating intra-day price changes. S... Read More »

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Does removing an impacted tooth always involve surgery?

Pretty much. An impacted tooth is basically stuck so the dentist will have to remove some of the material from around it in order to free the tooth.

What does a short sale mean when selling a house?

A short sale occurs when the outstanding balance on a home loan is greater than the proceeds from the sale of the house. If a lender approves a short sale, it means the lender agrees to receive les... Read More »

Do chemical reactions always involve a change in state?

The only requirement for a reaction to be of the "chemical" variety is a transformation of compounds or a rearrangement of elements that forms products that are chemically different from the origin... Read More »

How to Get More for Your Car Selling It Yourself V.S. Trading It In?

If you're looking to get top dollar for your car, then selling it yourself is the best route to go. Here are just a few tips from