Does david letterman have a son named Elliot?

Answer No. His son, Harry Joseph Letterman, was named for the talk show host's late father.

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As David Letterman would know since 1967 CBS's Studio 50 at 1697 Broadway has been named for whom?

What crooner's new line of neckwear did David Letterman suggest be named Alleged Mob Ties?

What is the name of the Disney movie that has an imaginary dragon named Elliot?

"Pete's Dragon" is a full-length movie from the Walt Disney Company. The movie is about a 9-year-old boy named Pete and his imaginary dragon, Elliot. It combines live action and animation. "Pete's ... Read More »

Didn't David Letterman name his band the world's most dangerous band in honor of david's favorite fake rassler dick the bruiser afflis who was known as wrestling's most dangerous man?