Does dark roast coffee have less caffeine than light roast?

Answer Dark roast beans are roasted as such a high temperature for a long period of time, that the core of the bean (where the caffeine is stored) slowly dissolves away. They do this process because the n... Read More »

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Does coffee have more caffeine than cappuccino?

According to Coffee Chemistry, espresso contains 30 to 35mg of caffeine per oz., while coffee contains 8.125 to 15mg per oz. However, the average coffee drinker typically consumes between 8 and 20 ... Read More »

Do lighter roast coffee beans have a lower ph?

If you have purchased lighter roasted coffee beans, they will have a higher ph level than the darker roasted coffee beans, according to the website Coffee Review. The ph level in a coffee bean is t... Read More »

Why does decaffeinated coffee/tea cost more than the coffee/tea with caffeine?

cause of the effort to take the caffeine out of it.

What's your fave sandwich roast ham or roast beef.?

Ham if its off the bone yummy yummy. lolz