Does dandelion root cause constipation?

Answer On One Hand: Dandelion Root Does Not Cause ConstipationDandelion root has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy to relieve constipation, as well as aid digestion and stimulate appetite. Many ... Read More »

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Does dried dandelion root raw tea contain fluoride and caffeine?

Dried dandelion root raw tea naturally contains fluoride, as do all teas. However, even though this kind of tea is caffeine-free, it can supply you with a natural boost of energy without the jitter... Read More »

Dandelion Root Information?

Dandelion root exhibits a dark-brown color and has brittle shoots that produce a white substance when broken. Consumers can take dandelion root in the form of a tea, a powder or capsules. It can ev... Read More »

Dandelion Root Safety?

Taraxacum officinale or the common dandelion is a hardy perennial that grows in North America, Asia and Europe. Dandelion roots improve gallbladder and liver function, aid in digestion and stimulat... Read More »

How do I prepare dandelion root?

HarvestingDig the roots up carefully with a good shovel or trowel. The roots go downward into the ground as much as 18 inches. You will get bigger roots from loose or regularly tilled soil. It is e... Read More »