Does cycling help get rid of belly and thigh fat?

Answer Thighs, yes. Cycling works your quadriceps, or the front of your thighs. I don't think it works your belly, though... but you can try the link below for some good exercises.

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Best ways to get rid of belly and thigh fat?

OMGthe 3 day diet...Its soooooo unhealthy but its only 3 days and you can lose like 5-10 lbsJust drink ALOT of water ,eat 4-6 times a day..But 10 mini carrots is too much for one'll feel... Read More »

What excerises lose belly, thigh and hip fat?

Your not in bad shape at all Lucy, However, you have to understand that while exercise is important, portion control and diet are just as important. I did this: trained hard for 4 months and then r... Read More »

Tips on losing belly fat & thigh fat (teenage girl)?

You need to do atleast 30 minutes of any type of aerobic exercise for your body to register that your working it out. I suggest atleast a 5.0 speed (still not too fast but fast enough to get your h... Read More »

Help for Sagging Thigh Skin?

Extra skin on thighs occurs with age and after large amounts of weight is lost. This can appear unattractive to yourself or others who see it when you are in a swimsuit or shorts, and this can caus... Read More »