Does cvs whitening night time gel work?

Answer On One Hand: Effective and Comparatively InexpensiveStore brands often make quality products that are comparable to leading brands. CVS Nighttime Gel works as well as a similar product from Colgate... Read More »

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How to Manage Your Time So You Don't Spend All Night Doing School Work?

Teenagers are finding out daily that it's getting harder and harder to use their time effectively. They end up staying up all night trying to complete their work for the next day but hopefully this... Read More »

Which is the most affective teeth whitening product, crest whitening strips or rembrandt whitening strips?

Crest white strips. I use to be a heavy smoker/coffee drinker. I didnt have the deep stains but they were yellowish. Of course i did it a lot different. I used one set before bed, and left them... Read More »

Teeth whitening does it work?

Teeth whitening treatments done in-office, and administered/supervised by a dentist, give the most effective and long-lasting effects. According to thisisdentistry,, these treatments can also ... Read More »

Does whitening toothpaste work?

Yes if you stick to a good food and drink regime it should work like it says it should