Does crystal therapy work?

Answer i tried, but it did not work.i did through Dr.NK Sharma of Pitam pura but it is fake.good luck

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Do you believe in crystal therapy?

Some believe in it.. If it helps them feel better, eases their pain, to believe in this.. then so be it. I'm talking about all the ouchies we each encounter throughout the day/night. Not anything m... Read More »

Does crystal salt work?

On One Hand: Crystal Salt LampsCrystal salt lamps improve indoor air quality in two ways. First, they remove moisture from the air. When mold spores and fungi in the moisture are eliminated, allerg... Read More »

Does crystal deodorant work?

On One Hand: Long-lasting ProtectionCrystal deodorants use mineral crystals (a form of salt) to prevent underarm odor, with the crushed rocks originally used to purify water. Unlike other products ... Read More »

Does Crystal Light work to lose weight?

On One Hand: Water Promotes Weight LossCrystal Light is a sugar-free powder that adds flavor and color to water. It is low in calories (five calories per eight ounce serving) as it uses an artifici... Read More »