Does cruise control on a car use more or less gas?

Answer In a test conducted by and published by CNN, cars got nearly 14 percent better gas mileage when using cruise control at interstate speeds than when a driver controlled the speed with th... Read More »

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Does a honda VTX 1300 have cruise control?

The Honda VTX 1300 motorcycle does not come with cruise control, but you can buy one separately to avoid wrist cramps and strain. As of June 2010, these cost around $30.References:Cruiser Customizi... Read More »

Does a car use less or more gas at night?

On One Hand: You Might Burn More Gas at NightThe engine will send more gas into the cylinders and consume more fuel per minute during the first few minutes of running until the engine's oil and wat... Read More »

Does vitamin c make birth control less effective?

Vitamin C is not believed to diminish the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. However, taking birth control pills can lead to a vitamin C deficiency. If you're taking birth control pills, it's re... Read More »

How many calories (more or less) does a big Porterhouse contain ?

I do not know exactly how many calories it has, but to be on the safe side, you should probably eat a big piece of chocolate cake and have a scotch on the rocks for dessert.Screw the treadmill. Th... Read More »