Does cranberry juice take a bladder infection away?

Answer Cranberries are a source of polyphenol antioxidants, phytochemicals under active research for possible benefits to the cardiovascular system, immune system and as anti-cancer agents.There is potent... Read More »

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Do you know any cures besides cranberry juice for a bladder infection?

Yes! I'll tell you exactly what to do:1. Stop using bottled Cramberry juice. Instead, buy frozen or natural cramberiies and juice them up in a blender. Don't add any sweetener, and use about 3 cups... Read More »

Does cranberry juice help a kidney infection?

On One Hand: Cranberry Juice May be EffectiveCranberry juice or cranberry tablets may help prevent kidney infections and may be helpful for reducing the risk for struvite and brushite stones (which... Read More »

What will help Take away my Bladder infection its late and it hurts so i need some relief?

Go the the drugstore, hopefully you have a 24-hour one near you, and buy an over the counter urinary analgesic called AZO or other brands with Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride in them. It numbs your b... Read More »

Is cranberry juice good for a kidney infection?

On One Hand: How Can Cranberry Juice Help?Because of their acidity, cranberries have preventive properties related to kidney and urinary tract infections, according to several studies, including a ... Read More »