Does cranberry juice help clean out one's system?

Answer Cranberry juice has numerous health benefits, and although it does not clean out your system, it does prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones from forming, and it reduces plaque on teeth... Read More »

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Does cranberry juice cleanse the system?

Cranberry juice is a diuretic. Diuretics make people urinate frequently. So drinking a lot of cranberry juice will help flush toxins and excess fluids from the body. Cranberry juice is often used i... Read More »

Does cran-apple or cran-grape juice help with vaginal odors Or does just Cranberry juice work?

do NOT insert acidic juices into your vagina. please. you will get a yeast infection.if you do not smoke or drink alcohol or eat much red meat, and your diet is primarily consisting of vegetables a... Read More »

Does cranberry juice clean the liver or kidneys?

Cranberry juice cleans the liver, not the kidneys. Cranberry juice contains essential B-12 vitamins, which are good for the liver. However, drinking excessive amounts of cranberry juice can increas... Read More »

Does cranberry juice help a kidney infection?

On One Hand: Cranberry Juice May be EffectiveCranberry juice or cranberry tablets may help prevent kidney infections and may be helpful for reducing the risk for struvite and brushite stones (which... Read More »