Does country singer Jake Owen have a sister and what is her name is she older or younger?

Answer yes, mona, youngerNO Jake Owen DOES NOT have a sister, he has a half brother and his twin Jarrod!

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What is the name of country singer Jake Owen's older brother - not Jarrod their other brother?

Should I the older sister have to do all the house work when my younger sister who is nearly a teen do nothing?

No! ^_^Everyone in the household has to contribute for the household to be a working, safe, and enjoyable environment. Tell her to at least help fold clothes, or clean up around the house.

What is the role of the older sister in younger sister's wedding?

Usually they sort out the wedding details, they will usually also help pick out dresses etc. Their job on the wedding day is usually to make the dya run smoothly and keep the bride happy

Why does the younger sister beat the older sister up?

The reason younger sister's beat up older sister's is because they either want attention or they are jealous. some times many of them are concided and some have anger management problems. another r... Read More »