Does cornmeal kill ants?

Answer According to the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, cornmeal is not deadly to ants, but it may cause fire ants to move their mound. The University of California, Davis, lists cornmeal as ant bai... Read More »

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Home Remedies for Killing Ants With Cornmeal?

Getting rid of ants and other household pests can be a real challenge. If you have kids and pets to protect, the last thing you want to do is set out poisons and harsh chemicals to deal with an ant... Read More »

How does Borax kill ants?

There are sites all over the internet advising on what to do about ants. Most of the information appears to be people repeating other people's anecdotes, with little hard evidence. We don't know th... Read More »

Does WD40 kill carpenter ants?

WD-40 will kill carpenter ants. Spraying some directly on the ants will suffocate them. You can also damage their homes by spraying some directly into the entrances of their dug-up trails.

Does corn meal kill ants?

Cornmeal can kill ants because, once ingested, it comes into contact with water in the ant's stomach and swells up, killing the ant. Grits work in the same way for ant control.Source:Beyond Pestici... Read More »