Does cool whip have to stay in the fridge?

Answer "Cool Whip" is mostly whipped oils, and is shipped as a frozen food. It is also kept in the freezer sections of retail stores. It should be frozen or refrigerated to prevent spoilage. Once it is op... Read More »

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How long does miracle whip stay fresh in the fridge?

At normal refrig temperatures, until it's gone. Don't contaminate with other foods.

Which better cool whip or redi whip?

without being too explicit - lets do a tastey taste test .....know what i'm saying! ;-)

Can you put hot food straight into the fridge or does it have to cool down first?

It has to cool down or the whole fridge will get warm. Another Answer Supposedly, modern refrigerators can handle hot food without a negative impact on other food in the fridge. Personally, I would... Read More »

How does food in the fridge cool down?

food in the fridge cools down because of the cold air in the fridge.