Does cookies cause painful periods?

Answer Not at all. Try bananas they're good for helping cramps.

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Does losing virginity cause lighter periods?

I'm assuming that you lost your virginity very soon before your period, so it definitely didn't stop early because you're pregnant; you wouldn't start missing your period for about a month. It's p... Read More »

Why is it my breasts are sensitive and painful for a week before my periods?

Cyclical breast pain is common. It can occur at any age after periods start, but most commonly occurs between the ages of 30 and 50. Some of us and I include myself are more sensitive to body chang... Read More »

Do periods cause stretch marks?

Periods do not cause stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by stress to the skin, usually through rapid stretching due to pregnancy or obesity. Overuse of cortisone skin creams and some diseases ... Read More »

Can pneumonia cause late periods?

I'm sorry I'm not here to answer this question but i have the exact same question because I'm late and i haven't been or have no possible way of being pregnant and i had pneumonia for 3 weeks about... Read More »