Does contractor liability insurance cover poor workmanship?

Answer No. Workmanship is not covered under a artisan contractors liability policy.

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Does liability insurance cover a contractor walking off the job?

it's a fire case of fire outbreak while cooking..

Why does a contractor need a professional liability insurance policy?

A contractor typically needs a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy. It is rare for a contractor to have a need for professional liability insurance unless the contracted services are of ... Read More »

What happens if a contractor does not have general liability insurance?

The contractor may not be able to qualify for jobs, as most principals require proof of insurance as a condition of the contract; this is especially true for public sector jobs.If the contractor is... Read More »

If you only have liability insurance and you cause an accident does your insurance cover fixing the other party's vehicle?

Answer Here in Canada we have NO-Fault where each insurer is responsible for their own insured. In that case, the other party's carrier would repair the vehicle, and then subrogate on your company.