Does condom really prevent from HIV/AIDS ?

Answer they are reported to be about 98% effective in the prevention of STD's (sexually transmitted diseases). They are not foolproof in that they have been known to break at the wrong time, and some of t... Read More »

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Does sex really count if you use a condom?

Condom or not, the sex part is the sin, so yes.Unless you're in some weird condom loving cult.And shame on all you people who are saying terrible things to her for asking a question she couldn't as... Read More »

What really does a condom do?

it makes it so that his stuff can't get into your stuff. :)

The meat in my taco is really loose. What can I do to prevent it from falling out?

I always use the soft shells, like for burritos, then you can wrap it around the meat to stop it from falling out.Good eating.

Does the flu shot prevent really bad colds?

No, the virus that causes a common cold is different than the virus that causes influenza. However, for some people, the symptoms for some types of flu are very similar to the symptoms of a really... Read More »