Does condo corp have legal basis for levying fines?

Answer Yes. Read your governing documents to better understand the structure and power of the condominium association. Every condominium community is run according to CC&Rs and By-laws, and potentially ot... Read More »

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I am a condo owner. The condo management is plugging into my electicity for all eight units. Is this legal?

Legal is the interesting term in this question, and may be beside the point. Best practices dictate that at least, this is unfair.If you're paying 100% of the electric bill, you can bill the associ... Read More »

Are home owner association fines legal in New York?

Yes. And they should be commensurate with fines charged in the area to tenants in buildings owned by landlords, and perhaps regulated by the local municipal authority.

What is the Legal basis for creating a Property Owners Association?

From a real estate owners point of view, the legal basis is the land-use documents filed in the local hall of records defining the land use as an association -- condominium, co-op or home owners. T... Read More »

What is the legal basis for the beef industry's lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey?

what "was" the legal basis. Because Oprah displayed the cruel and unhealthy quality of beef the company's profits plummeted. I think they were suing for defamation and slander.