Does condensed soy or rice milk work well in recipes?

Answer Acille1jo and Lillyian are both correct that coconut milk works well for baking when the coconut flavor won't detract from the finished product. The fats in coconut oil are NOT bad fats! Yes, they'... Read More »

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Condensed milk into Caramel Will this work?

This does indeed make an incredible topping called Dulce de leche, but it is NOT the same as caramel. The consistancy is that of a thick pudding, not true caramel that you can roll out or make into... Read More »

Is it possible to turn condensed milk back into regular milk?

there's a difference between condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk. Condensed milk is just regular milk with about half the water removed. So you can add water to an equal amount of milk you... Read More »

What are some good vegetarian recipes without pasta, rice, potato and rice?

Lentil soup with barley. Quinoa with spinach, tomato, toasted nuts and grated cheese. Hummus and pita with crudites. Minestrone with garlic bread, ommit pasta.If you're avoiding these things becaus... Read More »

Is condensed milk the same as carnation milk?

carnation milk is a brand name and can be one of two things condensed milk or evaporated milk if you look on the can it will tell you what kind of milk it is if you are unsure go to the supermarket... Read More »