Does conception mean I'm already pregnant?

Answer well conception is the day that the sperm met the egg so by that definition u are pregnant if sperm and egg have met. but at the same time if it does not implant into the uterus then u would miscarry

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Can cramping the day of conception mean you are pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer "Conception" means you're pregnant. Do you mean day of ovulation? Answer Actually, some women (myself included) may have cramps after intercourse. This usually only happens betwee... Read More »

How long does it take from the date of conception to know you are pregnant?

On One Hand: Date of ConceptionWhen you conceive a child, you must be ovulating. The soonest you can test for pregnancy is 6 to 12 days after ovulation. This is when Human chorionic gonadotropin (H... Read More »

If a girl is already pregnant and has sex with another man while being prenant can she get pregnant again?

If there is another egg in the fallopian tube or about to be released, and it's out of reach of the sperm that fertilizes the first egg, yes. Fraternal twins have been known to have two different f... Read More »

Are you two weeks pregnant at conception according to the due date?

Pregnancy length is typically calculated by counting weeks, with the first day of the last menstrual period being week one. This means that by the first missed period, a woman is considered to be a... Read More »