Does computer malware affect Internet surfing speed?

Answer Malicious programs ("malware") can slow down your Internet surfing speed by taking up bandwidth with dozens of pop-up ads, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, it can reduce you... Read More »

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Will playing PC games affect the internet and speed of my laptop computer?

Yesss!!! It Downloads information insted of upload so you lose Internet speed and memory in short run its fine but in the long run your screwed. Because all all these tiny game sites don't edit the... Read More »

Will adding ram speed up dial-up Internet surfing?

Adding more RAM will improve the overall performance of a PC; however, it will have no effect on dial-up, DSL or cable modem speeds. The only way to improve Internet data transfer rates is through ... Read More »

Is Aircel good sim for internet browsing and downloading in lucknow ...and how much it net surfing speed plz t? is good for internet browsing and downloading...but better is airtel.Aircel doesn't allow internet surfing on PC or laptop, only mobile. whereas airtel do.Airtel gives upto 40kbps speed in ... Read More »

Does the modem affect Internet speed?

Modems can affect the speed at which you transfer data across the Internet, but not nearly as much as extraneous factors, such as line quality and how many other users are on your network, accordin... Read More »