Does compressing movie files affect quality?

Answer Assuming you are planning to use a version of ZIP? If so, then ZIP uses classes of lossless data compression algorithms. So once the file is compressed and stored on DVD, it can later be read and d... Read More »

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Will converting HD video files affect the quality?

in fact ,,you can convert your hd video to hd avi,wmv for WMM, best quality and fast speed,,,,jusrt free rtrial:…good luck,,,,,,,,

Does bit rate affect the video quality of recorded video or affect only sound of the video ?

a low bit rate is low qualitythe Large Frame size 1280x960 is the main problem.reduce the frame size to 640x480 and it will look a lot betteronce its bad quality, converting it can only make it wor... Read More »

How does aperture affect the quality of a picture?

Through exposure. If your outside shooting on hot sunny day your picture might be over-exposed if you shoot an image with an f-stop/aperture of a about f/2-f/4. You can change your f-stop to about ... Read More »

2 How does the number of pixels affect the quality of an image?

A digital camera has a set number of pixels on its sensor. A pixel or picture element is a dot of light and color with a measured value for both brightness and color. The more present pixels, the m... Read More »