Does comprehensive insurance cover paint damage?

Answer Comprehensive auto insurance covers damage to your vehicle, including paint damage, caused by vandalism, storms, theft, falling objects or hitting an animal. Specific coverages vary from one insure... Read More »

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Does comprehensive insurance cover water damage in a vehicle?

Yes. Comprehensive auto insurance covers everything not covered by collision coverage. This includes floods, water damage, animals, theft or vandalism. If the water damage is extensive enough, your... Read More »

Is hail damage covered by comprehensive car insurance?

Yes, hail damage is typically covered under comprehensive car insurance. If you file a claim due to hail damage, your policy is likely to require you to pay a portion of the repair cost, known as a... Read More »

What does auto comprehensive insurance cover?

Answer Comprehensive is Fire, Theft, and Vandalism (and also if you collide w/ an animal)

What does comprehensive cover on auto insurance?

When shopping for car insurance, there are several different options to choose. Comprehensive insurance is usually an essential add-on to a state minimum and most people should consider this type o... Read More »