Does company health plan offer disability coverage?

Answer A travel insurance policy will typically cover medical expenses up to the limit that is defined by the policy. In order to ensure that the claim is settled, the policyholder should contact the insu... Read More »

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Does the state of Pennsylvania offer group health insurance coverage for self-employed?

Pennsylvania offers group health insurance coverage for the self-employed under Access to Basic Care. Insurance for the self-employed with incomes less than 200 percent of the federal poverty line ... Read More »

Can an employer force an employee to drop group health insurance coverage because the employee is eligible for coverage through his spouse's plan?

Answer No. The employer cannot force you not to take the coverage. However, if you don't want you may have to sign a waiver.

Can an employeer offer reimbursement for medical coverage and not offer to others with no coverage?

Answer If I understand the question correctly the answer is yes. An employer can have a Health Reimbursement Arrangement as the mechanism to pay for employees health care. In those plan documents t... Read More »

Can employers offer health coverage for same-sex couples and not for 'significant others'?

Answer Yes, an employer can offer coverage to same-sex domestic partners and/or deny coverage for opposite sex domestic partners. You should ask your HR/Benefits representative for a copy of your p... Read More »