Does collision insurance cover glass damage?

Answer Collision insurance does cover glass damage in cases where the glass damage occurred as a result of a collision or a vehicle upset. However, glass damage that results from other factors such as roc... Read More »

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What Does Collision Auto Insurance Cover?

Collision automobile insurance coverage provides financial protection to the owner of a vehicle in an impact, whether with another vehicle or with another entity. Based on the coverage amounts, ded... Read More »

If a tenant lives in your condo and a common area pipe leaks on their car causing damage should the HOA cover this or will your homeowners liability insurance cover this or neither?

Read both your master policy that covers the condominium association's assets and your homeowner's policy to verify coverage.Also, the tenant's insurance may be a possibility for coverage.Basically... Read More »

Does no fault Insurance apply to medical claims only or is the collision damage 'no fault' also?

Answer No fault medical coverage means only that the coverage will pay for an insured's injuries no matter who was at fault for an accident. This is the only coverage in which this 'no fault' ter... Read More »

Are third party liability carriers required to pay the collision damage waivers in New York if a party does not have collision coverage?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy i... Read More »