Does cold beer ever taste better than on a hot summer night after a two month "wagon" ride?

Answer TWO MONTHS Prometheus??!!You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din..But the best beer I've had in a long long time was in the sweltering heat when I was re-roofing my parents house a few months back... Read More »

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What's better on a hot summer day, sugary lemonaid with tongs of ice cubes or a nice cold beer?

The best in a hot summer day or night is to drink tons of fresh - not iced - water.Beer will give you the sensation of fresh instantly but it contains alcohol and you will feel even more hot afterw... Read More »

My homemade cottage pie from last night has been in cold oven over night can I reheat it today help please?

Which beer taste better?

How to Enjoy the Taste of Beer?

Even though it's the oldest fermented drink in the world,[1] beer isn't beloved by everyone and there is a fair sized group of people who just don't like the taste of beer. Yet when everyone else a... Read More »