Does coffee really stain your teeth?

Answer On One Hand: Coffee Can Stain Your TeethExcessive coffee consumption can cause your teeth to become noticeably less white. Coffee beans have a dark brown color that can sink into your teeth and cau... Read More »

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Why Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

Regular coffee drinkers depend on a cup of coffee to start their day. As much as they enjoy those sips, the coffee may stain cause stains on normally pearly white teeth. A number of factors induce ... Read More »

Does smoking really stain your teeth?

Why does coffee stain teeth?

According to the Atlanta Dentist Group website, coffee is made using dark brown coffee beans that are capable of staining a persons teeth. The Atlanta Dentist Group refers to the phenomenon of coff... Read More »

What is in coffee that makes it stain your teeth?

Coffee stains your teeth because of the dark brown color. Some of the things that determine how badly coffee will stain teeth are how much coffee a person drinks, how rough the enamel on their teet... Read More »