Does coffee (or caffeine) REALLY make people "hyper"?

Answer .Caffeine is a good stimulant. It works on the body and the mind. However it does not actually make people hyper. Only sugar will do that.Now caffeine does not work on everybody. Most people feel t... Read More »

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Does caffeine make a person hyper?

Depends on how used their body is to the intake of caffeine. For me, I don't intake a lot of caffeine, so if I drink something with a lot of caffeine in it I will be bouncing off the walls. While s... Read More »

Does drinking coffee with a lot of milk really lower the caffeine content?

You are absolutely right. Pretty smart. The only way to lower the caffeine is to limit the amount of coffee. So, pour a half cup of coffee and fill the rest with warm milk. Cafe au lait. Ole!

Does sugar really make you hyper?

And there's another myth about sugar. We hear this one from parents all the time. Sugar drives the kids crazy. Even some of the kids believe it. "I go really nuts when I have candy," one girl said.... Read More »

Why does decaffeinated coffee/tea cost more than the coffee/tea with caffeine?

cause of the effort to take the caffeine out of it.