Does coffee endanger our health?

Answer On One Hand: Energy Boost and AntioxidantsCoffee is well known for its most famous ingredient, caffeine, a stimulant that helps to boost energy and increase mental alertness and focus. According to... Read More »

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Does Starbucks spend more on employee health insurance than on coffee beans?

They did, and they still do. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said Starbucks expects to spend about $200 million this year for health care for its 80,000 U.S. employees - more than the total amount it ... Read More »

Coffee and health question?

Im 17 and I recently got in the habit of drinking coffee every morning but the truth is that health wise it won't do anything for you. It is good for your taste buds and to get your energy up for a... Read More »

How bad is drinking coffee for my health?

I am also a coffee lover, if you drink coffee 2 times a day then there is no issue, but try to control not to have more then 2 cups a day because it's already very hot temperature and coffee plays... Read More »

Is coffee bad for peoples health ?

Yes drinking to much coffee can be bad for peoples health.