Does coffee endanger our health?

Answer On One Hand: Energy Boost and AntioxidantsCoffee is well known for its most famous ingredient, caffeine, a stimulant that helps to boost energy and increase mental alertness and focus. According to... Read More »

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Is coffee bad for your health?

On One Hand: Caffeine RisksThe caffeine in coffee, that compels many to drink it, can cause heart problems and raise blood pressure and heart rates, according to Harvard Health Publications. It can... Read More »

Is coffee bad for peoples health ?

Yes drinking to much coffee can be bad for peoples health.

How bad is drinking coffee for my health?

I am also a coffee lover, if you drink coffee 2 times a day then there is no issue, but try to control not to have more then 2 cups a day because it's already very hot temperature and coffee plays... Read More »

Is coffee good or bad for your health?

On One Hand: Coffee is Generally SafeFor most adults, drinking coffee in moderation is safe, according to the Mayo Clinic. Moderation means no more than three cups of coffee a day, according to Med... Read More »