Does coffee cover gray hair?

Answer People with darker colored hair can use coffee as a natural remedy to cover gray hair. Find a henna powder at a natural food store. Mix with the henna, a few brewed cups of coffee and a tablespoon ... Read More »

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How to Find the Right Hair Color to Cover Gray Hair?

Nothing is more disappointing than rinsing off your new hair color only to find it didn't do a good job of covering your gray hair. Avoid this hair color faux pas by taking the time to learn which ... Read More »

How to Cover Gray Hair?

Gray hair is part of the natural order of life. As we age, our hair begins to lose pigment until it finally turns gray or white. There is no way to stop the process from happening; it is an inherit... Read More »

How to Make Hair Colorant to Cover Gray Hair?

Hair coloring kits do not cover gray hair well. Some of the kits for gray hair do not offer a palette of colors to choose from, and the color does not turn out as vibrant as other kits. Now, those ... Read More »

How to Use Henna to Cover Gray Hair?

When gray hair becomes more prominent on your head, you might start looking for a way to hide it. Many dyes might not give you what you need and you might not want to use harsh chemical dyes on you... Read More »