Does coffee cause stomach cancer?

Answer According to a scientific study that was conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund in 1997, consumption of coffee on a regular basis has not been shown to cause stomach cancer.Source:Coffee Scien... Read More »

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Can secondhand smoke cause stomach cancer?

Secondhand smoke can cause several forms of cancer other than lung cancer, such as stomach cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. When you breathe in other people's tobacco smoke, the ca... Read More »

Does coffee hurt your stomach?

Coffee is acidic,believe it or not. If you drink super strong coffee and alot of it, it can tear the stomach lining and cause ulcers or other stomach issues. You appear to be limiting your intake, ... Read More »

Why does my stomach hurts after i drink a cup of coffee?

Any stomach problems should be see by a doctor.It could just be that you are sensitive to the acids or oils in coffee. I can't drink cheap coffees or I get sick. Starbuck's coffee sits real well ... Read More »

Why does coffee upset my stomach even DECAF!?

Your problem isn't the caffiene; it's the acid that's giving you the upset stomach! There are a lot of decaf coffees but very few of them have been acid neutralized. Potassium Hydroxide is added to... Read More »