Does coffee cause heart disease?

Answer On One Hand: No Problems FoundThere is no reported scientific evidence that suggests coffee causes heart disease. A 2008 study by Harvard University showed that coffee poses no increased risk of de... Read More »

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How does smoking cause heart disease?

While most people understand the effect that tobacco use can have on the lungs, many people are unaware that smoking can also contribute to circulatory issues. Over time, the damage that takes plac... Read More »

Does heart disease cause fatigue?

On One Hand: Fatigue Present in Many Forms of Heart DiseaseFatigue is one symptom of many kinds of heart disease. Unusual fatigue is a possible heart symptom that should not be ignored because it c... Read More »

Does beta-sitosterol cause heart disease?

On One Hand: Beta-Sitosterol Used for Heart DiseaseAccording to WebMD and, beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol commonly used to treat benign prostate issues and lower cholesterol. In fact, ... Read More »

How does high blood pressure cause heart disease?

High blood pressure and heart disease are indelibly linked in our culture. Both are primary health concerns, and both have specific causes and symptoms. You should be aware of what they are and how... Read More »