Does coaxial cable give more cable than white cable?

Answer no there about the same one's just white

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My dog chewed off the end of a coaxial cable tv cord. will it still give me cable tv somehow?

you will need a new oneeven if it did work its picture would be poorthey are very cheap and you can find them annywhere there is tv stuff

How do I hook up cable on a HD TV that does not have the coaxial cable input just the digital ?

You need an HD Tuner. Or get DirecTV HD, or DisHD, and they will give you what you need.

Does satellite TV use the same coaxial cable as cable TV?

Satellite television uses the same coaxial cable as cable television. Satellite television and cable television send different types of signals over the coaxial cable. A receiver is used to process... Read More »

Broadband cable- will it support more than one cable modern per line?

If you are talking about hooking up to a computer, the cable co will tell you that you need one for each computer, but this is a lie. Just split the cable after it comes out of the cable modem and... Read More »