Does clorox bleach contain chlorine?

Answer Yes, Clorox bleach does contain chlorine. Clorox purchases chlorine from chlorine manufacturers and makes household bleach. Clorox bubbles the chlorine into a solution of water and sodium hydroxide... Read More »

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Does Bleach Contain Chlorine?

The most common form of bleach is sodium perchlorite, which consists of one atom each of sodium, oxygen and chlorine and has the chemical formula NaOCl, explains Sciencebase. Some types of bleach a... Read More »

Is Clorox bleach chlorine-free?

No Clorox bleach is chlorine-free. All Clorox liquid bleach varieties, including Clorox Regular-Bleach, Clorox Outdoor Bleach Cleaner and scented Clorox bleaches, contain the active ingredient sodi... Read More »

What does Clorox contain?

Regular Clorox bleach contains water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, and sodium polyacrylate, in descending order of concentration. Scented varieties also... Read More »

Does Clorox Bleach Hair?

Very few homes do not contain some form of Clorox bleach. The product is so popular, it can generally be found in a number of varieties. From Clorox Color Safe bleach to Clorox Liquid Gel, Clorox o... Read More »