Does cleaning the outside of a car get you better gas mileage?

Answer On One Hand: A Clean Exterior is ImportantAnything that contributes to aerodynamic drag on the exterior of your car will hurt your gas mileage. Thus, according to, a dirty ext... Read More »

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Does a 2wd truck get better gas mileage than a 4wd?

In general, a two-wheel drive truck will get better gas mileage than a four-wheel drive truck. The equipment required to make a truck four-wheel drive can result in added weight. Additional weight ... Read More »

Does 55 really get better mileage than 65?

On One Hand: Yes, According to The U.S. Department of EnergyAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, driving 50 to 55 mph gets you the best possible gas mileage on average. After getting up to 6... Read More »

Does biodiesel get better mileage than regular diesel?

On One Hand: No, It Doesn'tAccording to the, a website maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy, one of the drawbacks of biodiesel is that is it less fuel efficient than conventi... Read More »

When building a swimming pool is it better to put in an in floor cleaning system or the standard polaris cleaning system?

AnswerConsider this: For a 44x22' pool the in-floor system costs $7,000+. For that price you can use a rover type vacume, and have the pool professionaly cleaned weekly for 20+ years. I still can't... Read More »