Does classical music make you smarter?

Answer On One Hand: Playing Enhances Learning.Learning to play classical music increases spatial development when instruction begins early in life. The Clearing House on Elementary and Early Childhood Edu... Read More »

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My classmates make fun of me because I love classical music...?

First thing I want to say is (and pardon my language but..) f**k them.... real friends wouldn't make you feel bad because of that. (or anything really, they can make jokes but they won't want to ma... Read More »

Does listening to classical music make you learn better?

Learning better from classical music, known as the "Mozart Effect", was studied in 2007 by the German Ministry of Education and Research and by 16 separate studies at Harvard University that stated... Read More »

What is the most important contribution classical music can make to society?

Classical music provided me with an escape from growing up poor in the mean streets of the inner city. Through an arts program at my grammar school that allowed certain grades to attend concerts pe... Read More »

Difference Between Classical Music & Modern Music?

Classical music and modern music differ in many key ways. The most obvious way is their respective time periods. Classical music is typically considered music made before the 19th century, whereas ... Read More »