Does circumcision have any health benefits?

Answer Keeping your child intact is the norm in the USA now. There is a bit about the rise and fall of circumcision rates here, with some of the various medical reasons given for it here: http://www.veoh.... Read More »

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Why do people say there are no benefits to circumcision?

Here is also what doctors have to say about it!………Yes, there may be som... Read More »

How to Research the Benefits of Circumcision?

No matter what you've been told, circumcision DOES have benefits - circumcision prevents foreskin problems NO ONE needs to deal with.Here's what you need to know:

Will Obama's health plan provide cover for circumcision for non-medical reasons?

I live in England where we've had a tax funded health care system in place for well over 50 years, and needless cosmetic surgery just isn't covered by it.We have, as far as I know, never routinely ... Read More »

Why is female circumcision such an atrocity and male circumcision still ok Both are genital mutilation.?

Few people really realize how mutilating BOTH circumcision of male and female are.First of all, for those misinformed individuals, male circumcision is much more mutilating, as it removes half of t... Read More »