Does cinnamon work for arthritis?

Answer On One Hand: There is evidence to support some effectiveness.According to the website Health Benefits in their article, "10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon" a study at Copenhagen University did find ci... Read More »

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Does wd 40 work for arthritis?

How does methotrexate work in arthritis?

after using methotrexate what must be the hcg level.How many dose methotrexate need.

Is arthritis work related?

On One Hand: In Some CasesAmong the causes of osteoarthritis listed by are joint injury and joint stress. Some occupations contribute to injury and stress to joints, such as manual l... Read More »

Does arthritis cream work?

On One Hand: Unsubstantiated ClaimsWhile many topical arthritis creams claim to relieve pain, controlled studies of these creams and their active ingredients show they work no better than a placebo... Read More »