Does cigarette smoke effect house plants?

Answer Cigarette smoke in moderate concentrations have not been shown to adversely effect house plants. Although some house plants may be susceptible to the Tobacco Mosaic Virus so care should be taken i... Read More »

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Residual Effect of Cigarette Smoke on Indoor Spaces & Objects?

The residual effects of cigarette smoke in an indoor space are evident both on the walls and the objects contained in that space. Long-term exposure to cigarette smoking discolors and changes the s... Read More »

Will Plants Be Affected by the Cigarette Smoke?

For years, people in the health industry have been talking about the negative effects of cigarettes. Smoking has been linked to lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and many other illnesses. Even sec... Read More »

How to Get the Smell of Cigarette Smoke Out of the House?

Those who smoke cigarettes or live with those who smoke cigarettes have to deal with the smoke stench in their homes. A home will still smell of smoke long after the smoker has moved out, leaving t... Read More »

How to remove the cigarette smoke and its smell from my house.?