Does chocolate spoil?

Answer For one of my former employers, I was reponsible for pulling outdated chocolate produced by the majors (Hershey, Nestle, Mars, &cetera). Chocolate has a shelf-life of one year from date of product... Read More »

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Does popcorn spoil?

An open jar of popcorn kernels will last for at least a year, while an unopened jar will last two years. If the popcorn has been popped, it will last a few weeks. Microwave popcorn packages spoil a... Read More »

Does perfume spoil?

Perfumes do not spoil, but their fragrance can fade over time. Three to five years is the normal time frame for a fragrance to last. Perfumes in clear bottles may lose their smell faster than those... Read More »

Does agave spoil?

Agave syrup, a nectar drawn from the agave plant, is a natural sweetener that is used in recipes that call for sugar or honey. Luckily, unlike sugar and honey, agave does not spoil, nor does it cry... Read More »

Does yogurt spoil?

An unopened, refrigerated container of yogurt is good for 7 days past the "sell by" date. After opened, it is best to eat it immediately, or it should be tossed within a week. Yogurt should have a ... Read More »