Does chocolate silk soy milk cause breast cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Soy Stimulates Cancer Cells In MiceThe plant estrogen found in soy has been shown to stimulate the growth of human breast cancer cells implanted in mice according to a study out of the... Read More »

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If a woman was to eat a lot of chocolate would her breast milk taste like chocolate?

Is breast cancer associated with drinking milk?

On One Hand: Some Studies Show CorrelationA 2004 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that drinking milk may play a role in the increasing incidence of cancer in the past... Read More »

Does drinking organic milk reduce the risk of breast cancer?

I am 8 years out of Breast Cancer - My doctors recommended that I avoid any estrogens - this includes the Bovine Hormone rBST - so look for a label on the milk that says "from cows not treated with... Read More »

Why is it we have breast cancer awareness pins to wear and show support...breast cancer walks?

Typically, it's the big fish that makes the biggest splash.While watching the Oscars, they honoured Jerry Lewis and they said he was responsible for raising $2 billion for MS.$2 billion bucks and I... Read More »