Does chinese food make you gain weight?

Answer No, it won't make you any fatter than any other fast food will. If you eat a lot of it though, you may get jittery because of all the MSG. Just balance your intake and you should be fine.

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What mcdonalds food make you gain weight in your butt?

This is not how nutrition works. Where you gain weight... if you gain weight... has more to do with heredity than with what specific foods you eat.

Does Celexa make you gain weight?

Weight gain from CelexaCelexa weight gain is more common then you might think. You are not alone with this side effect. Not every person taking Celexa will gain weight but it happens enough for Cel... Read More »

Does Lipitor make you gain weight?

On One Hand: Not A Known Side EffectWeight gain is not a common side effect caused by Lipitor, according to The cholesterol-lowering drug can, however, cause digestive side effects, incl... Read More »

Does wine make you gain weight?

Contrary to popular belief, moderate consumption of wine (one to two glasses per day) does not lead to weight gain, at least in women. A 2010 study conducted at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Bost... Read More »