Does child labor still exist in Britan?

Answer jo sicha du bauanpleamb

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Where does child labor still exist?

AnswerUnicef estimates that about 218 million children between the ages of five and seventeen are in the world's labor force. This abuse isn't limited to the poorer nations of Africa and Asia. By... Read More »

How did child labor exist?

Answer the question asked is how did child labor exist?To me i am of the view that the underlining path for its existence is poverty and exploitation by affluent people over the less privelage in t... Read More »

Does blue peter still exist?

Of course it does you idiotic silly billy

Does standby flying still exist?

As of 2010, standby flying still exists. A traveler's chances of attaining a standby flight are greater if she does not check any luggage. If a passenger has applied for a standby seat, she should ... Read More »