Does chewing gum while drinking alcohol get you drunk faster?

Answer As far as available research goes, chewing gum does not get you drunk faster. Some ways a person can get drunk more quickly than normal are by drinking on a empty stomach, mixing alcohol with medic... Read More »

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Does chewing gum while drinking hide the alcohol breathe?

Nope. Alcohol breath is generated in your lungs, not your mouth. The alcohol in your blood is expelled into your blood stream and mingles with the air in your lungs, creating the smell. You can che... Read More »

Can you take paracetamol while drinking alcohol?

Yes, because the paracetemol can react with the alcohol and it might be fatal or some critical damage may happen.

What are the effects of drinking alcohol while on lithium?

Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorder that can cause liver toxicity. Drinking alcohol will give more damage to the liver.

What are the effects of drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics?

The effects of combining antibiotics and alcohol can vary, depending on the specific antibiotic. Alcohol doesn't diminish the effectiveness of most antibiotics. However, antibiotics and alcohol can... Read More »