Does chewing gum tone your jowls?

Answer There is no evidence that chewing gum tones your jowls. According to the Denenburg Report, chewing gum can cause excessive tension in the jaws leading to temporomandibular joint disorders, headache... Read More »

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How to Lift Your Sagging Jowls?

How to use facial exercise and massage to naturally lift sagging jowls. Does this Spark an idea?

Does what your mouthpiece is made of affect your tone quality on a tenor sax?

The mouthpiece makes a huge difference in your tone. Plastic is a beginner mouthpiece. Time to step up to a better mouthpiece. But you need to consider this. If you are playing in the concert ba... Read More »

How does chewing gum affect the temperature of your mouth?

Chewing gum does not have a significant effect on the mouth's temperature, according to a 2001 American Red Cross Blood Services study published in the journal Transfusion. The study done on prospe... Read More »

How long does chewing gum stay in your body?

Contrary to urban legend, gum only stays in your body as long as it takes to pass through your digestive tract. For an adult, this takes roughly between 24 and 72 hours.Source:Mayo Clinic: Digestio... Read More »