Does chewing gum stay in the stomach for seven years?

Answer Despite the popularity of the urban legend that chewing gum stays in your stomach for seven years after swallowed, chewing gum behaves like any other consumable once digested; it is processed throu... Read More »

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How long does chewing gum stay in your stomach?

According to, chewing gum is not digested in the same manner as food, but it does not stay in the stomach very long. The sugars are absorbed but the gum resin moves on through the sm... Read More »

How long does chewing gum stay in your body?

Contrary to urban legend, gum only stays in your body as long as it takes to pass through your digestive tract. For an adult, this takes roughly between 24 and 72 hours.Source:Mayo Clinic: Digestio... Read More »

How long does nicotine stay in your system after you quit chewing tobacco?

AnswerTobacco tends to get out of blood very quickly when compared to urine. The detection window for tobacco in blood is approximately 6-8 hours since the intake of the drug. If you are going to t... Read More »

If your daughter's father hasn't seen her in seven years does he still have visitation rights?

Answer There is a Statute of Limitations and you can find this out on in: "What is the Statute of Limitations regarding a parent not seeing their children?"If your child is old... Read More »