Does chewing gum if swallowed get stuck in side your body?

Answer The short answer is no. Gum cannot be digested and will pass through your digestive system in about 24 hours. There is really no where for it to get stuck.

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I just swallowed my chewing gum...what should i do?

My 24-year-old girlfriend swallowed a chewing gum whole. She told me not to worry. Isn't it dangerous?

Nope, not dangerous at all. The FDA would not allow something that was dangerous to be chewed, without warning labels on the package.

Swallowed the ball from my tongue bar and it's stuck. Worried :(?

well you obviously can't reach it. I would really try eating some thick sausage, cheese, crackers. but try not to choke. even go up to the hospital and do it in case the food becomes lodged. get a ... Read More »

I swallowed a milk dud whole and now im freaking out not choking but scared its stuck somewhere?