Does chewing gum decompose in landscape?

Answer Chewing gum does not decompose in landscape. Gum bases are made from substances that are non-biodegradable such as plasticizers, resins, elastomers and rubber. It is because of the gum's base that ... Read More »

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How long does it take for chewing gum to decompose?

Chewing gum does not decompose, nor is it digested by the human stomach. However, research is being done on a corn-based chewing gum that would decompose in a few weeks. City governments around the... Read More »

Why does the iPhone 4S record HD portrait but not landscape if clip is loaded in landscape?

Yes, Siri is. Well, at least the makers have. There are some very cool YouTube videos about Siri!

What does decompose mean in math?

In math, decomposing numbers is the process of separating numbers into smaller components. For example, 256 can be decomposed to 200 + 50 + 6 with addition. The number 100 can be decomposed to 5x5x... Read More »

How to Decompose Milk?

Milk is freshest when it is just obtained from the source, and pasteurization helps to keep it palatable for several days. It will decompose quickly if it is not stored at the ideal temperature. If... Read More »