Does chewing gum cause gas?

Answer Chewing gum may cause gas. One reason people get gas is by swallowing air. When people chew gum, they can sometimes swallow more air than they normally would when eating or drinking. The sugars oft... Read More »

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Does chewing gum cause bloating?

Swallowing air while chewing gum can cause bloating. Artificial sweetners used in sugar-free gum such as sorbitol can also put water in your large intestine, increasing the bloating effect of chewi... Read More »

Can chewing gum cause heartburn?

Chewing gum is not known for causing heartburn; rather, it is being touted as an effective remedy for acid reflux. Experts such as Tim McCashland, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University ... Read More »

Can chewing gum cause stomach bulge?

Bulging/bloating is a fullness or swelling of the stomach often caused by gas. Chewing gum causes an increase in the air that is swallowed. The build-up of air in the stomach can cause it to feel b... Read More »

Does chewing gum digest?

Chewing gum is not a digestible substance. However, eating it will cause little harm to the body. Sorbitol, a common sweetener in gum, acts as a laxative and can actually aid digestion.Source:"Why ... Read More »