Does chewing gum cause bloating?

Answer Swallowing air while chewing gum can cause bloating. Artificial sweetners used in sugar-free gum such as sorbitol can also put water in your large intestine, increasing the bloating effect of chewi... Read More »

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Does food poisoning cause bloating?

On One Hand: It Could HappenBloating, a feeling of abdominal fullness caused by excessive gas in the digestive tract, has many causes including gastrointestinal infections, blockages and diseases, ... Read More »

Does oxycodone cause bloating in yhe stomache?

Hi there: yes they will cause that to happen. I take hydrocodone myself and have the same problem at times. You have a fine day.

Does chewing gum cause gas?

Chewing gum may cause gas. One reason people get gas is by swallowing air. When people chew gum, they can sometimes swallow more air than they normally would when eating or drinking. The sugars oft... Read More »

Can alcoholism cause bloating?

On One Hand: Alcoholism Causes BloatingAccording to American Family Physician, alcohol abuse is associated with increased mortality, social problems, violence and accidents. Symptoms include chroni... Read More »