Does chewing Adderall make it hit you quicker?

Answer On One Hand: Chewing Adderall Is DangerousAccording to, an Adderall capsule should never be crushed, chewed, broken or opened. To ensure safety and effectiveness, swallow the capsule whol... Read More »

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Does smoothies make your hair grow quicker?

I've heard the protein makes your nails grow faster, and I suppose it would apply to hair as well. But you are going to get protein from meat, fish, tofu, beans and dairy, not smoothies.Eating hea... Read More »

Does shaving make your facial hair grow quicker?

Shaving does not make facial hair grow faster or thicker. Hair grows in a cone shape, so when it is cut at the base, hair looks like it is growing back thicker. Shaving facial hair also allows it t... Read More »

How Does Shaving Hairs Make Them Grow Back Quicker?

If your Volkswagen Passat seems to be pulsing and vibrating when you hit the brakes, but you know that the brake pads are in good shape, then it's time to replace the rotors. Rotors don't need to b... Read More »

Does waving the curser around the screen make things load quicker?

This is a very good question and it exposes all these people who use computers but know nothing. The answer is YES it does. You've tried it and it works. I don't have time to tell you why it does b... Read More »